BEURD in brief :

Beurd is first Emma and Thibault, whose fascinating biographies are on the online store.

At the workshop Emma is in charge of the design and production of the collections, Thibault manages the communication and the silk-screening of the brand.
And then, in the team, there are other wonderful humans (I include myself in it) who make every day of work a fantastic epic.

We take pride in thinking up our streetwear collections with a bit of humor and a dash of coolness in our boutique workshop on Plaza Saint-Hubert in MONTREAL.
We do the best we can ourselves, but when we run out of hands, we call on other competent souls to assist us in our efforts, but not just anyone and not just anywhere!
We do not work in Asia like many ready-to-wear brands do.
Our bias is to do our best to make and sell a quality product at the fairest price for us and for the consumer.
We are convinced that in 2022, buying products made by local creativity and talent is essential from a human, ecological and economic point of view.

Why don't we produce in Asia?

We have chosen our manufacturing partners with an eye on working conditions.
Our collections are all produced on this side of the Atlantic and most of them are entirely in Montreal.
We want the people we work with to be properly paid and to work in humane and safe conditions.
Fast Fashion implies very short production times and very low costs that do not allow for these conditions: working more to produce more without earning more, exploiting, polluting, no such thing here.
Creating our collections BEURD to make you look good YES but not by neglecting lives or our planet.
Our work with providers close to us gives us more control over raw materials and our items as they are made.
LESS distance, LESS transport, NO overproduction, LESS negative impact on the environment.

Unfortunately, in the current context, the FAST FASHION which allows us to renew our wardrobe permanently without having time to wear it causes an overconsumption that we cannot tolerate: it is an ecological scandal and we are many to want to participate in this change of mindset in fashion.
That is why we think our pieces to last in terms of quality and trend.

For some capsules, we even experiment with "just-in-time" production, which offers a nice alternative to produce only what is needed according to demand: our customers buy from a photo and then, when the deadline for placing the order has arrived, we manufacture only the pre-ordered quantity, which creates exceptional models, limited editions.

Better for the local economy!

Making and buying local is a way to participate in the development of Montreal's businesses and therefore its economy, but also its attractiveness.

Montreal is full of talent and know-how, it is important to promote them.

We're talking about Montreal because it's Beurd's hometown, but every city, every region is filled with incredible talent! No reference to the TV show, there are no hidden gifts in the team... Finally, Thibault regularly tries flows of rapper but we have little hope that he breaks through in this field.

Finally, yes, let's be aware of this chance, it is possible to stay on the cutting edge of streetstyle by dressing with brands that make ethical efforts close to home! There are more and more alternatives to store your wardrobe without screwing up your environmental conscience... to have been propelled in 2027, we guarantee you that it is the future!