About Beurd

Bird is pronounced Beurd when you have a French accent!

Funky and retro, the Beurd brand brings originality and freshness to the clothing style of Canadians by making unique items in Montreal!

Casquette en corduroy de la marque Beurd

Beurd is exclusive, it's priced right, it's cool and it's proudly made in Montreal.


The origin of Beurd seen by :

I asked myself what I could talk about today.

I started by making an exhaustive list of my material possessions, I might have found an antique, a Ming vase or a painting to which I would have attached a great sentimental value (because for the monetary value I could have looked for a long time). I have nothing, even my laptop is considered Vintage by the geniuses at the apple store.

Then I tried to find some pride in my voluntary actions. Then the horror, I remembered one time at 7 years old, when I had invented the existence of an association for children that I had named: "En chantant". The goal was to sell packs of gum to elderly people in the streets in exchange for a song. Of course, I put the day's takings in my pocket.

Finally, after realizing that I was a poor former con artist, I thought about my accomplishments in life, and I saw only one company: Beurd.

When I was little, while my girlfriends (wrong, I had no friends) imagined themselves becoming schoolmistresses or veterinarians, I dreamed of raising wolves or designing clothes. The first assumption was compromised when I realized that I was pitifully bad in science subjects. I might as well say that the idea stayed with me until I was 16 (which is already a bit late to start a wolf breeding course). Less dangerous, the second choice of future profession remained stuck in my mind.

I fell in love with Montreal during an internship in 2009, (especially because I knew that Canada had one of the highest concentrations of grey and melanistic wolves in the world).

I then needed someone to popularize my little bird, don't get me wrong, I'm talking about Beurd.

I met Thibault who was able to sell his mother on the black market if challenged (a turn of phrase meant to be complimentary).

We started by making our products in India, rest assured, we visited the very small workshop, the employees were not children ... (just grandmothers). Then, in view of Montreal's enthusiasm for Quebec know-how, we opted for Montreal design.

Since then, we have been promoting Quebec production, working with small local companies and proudly offering quality linens.

In addition to these first attractions, we add creativity and exclusivity. I have always loved to draw anything, everywhere. Now I draw on my own clothes. I imagine patterns of overweight mermaids, I doodle bicycles in the snow, I draw caricatures of Ryan Gosling and Game Boy. Then I print the fabrics on which my little characters come to life, because they are then worn by strangers, strangers I like to meet at fairs, in stores or on the street.

I know the image that one can have of fashion design, I know that one can find the subject superficial, motivated by lightness, futility... But design is everyone's business. Fashion is a social mediation, it is often the reflection of an image that we try to give or that we have difficulty in hiding. It is an informational communication and a primary need after all, because who lives naked? (at least the niche of the dressed person is less risky in entrepreneurship)

I invite the superior minds (women) and others to visit our website or even meet us in person at our workshop-boutique on the plaza St-Hubert. We can enjoy a friendly handshake and exchange the good process with a 10% discount.

Thank you for your interest.

I was thinking about making BG clothes.

After I met Emma, I thought I would like to sell my clothes.