You've just landed in Montreal and you are wondering wich fashion accessories are essentiel for your wardrobe. You have plenty of choices ! Montreal is known for its creative designers and her changing weather that allows you to switch between a beanie and a cap ! Whether you’re looking for urban, elegant or casual fashion accessories, we suggest our current must-haves !

How to choose the right accessories ?

Which criterias are the most important when you buy fashion accessories in Montreal ? It depends. Do you prefer comfort or are you more the type of person to make impulsiv purchases to catch people’s attention ? One thing for sure, there are few important factors to take into account : 

  • Style : finding accessories that fit your personality is a good way to ensure that you will feel good wearing them. 
  •  Quality : Prioritize items that will last a long time. You save the planet and avoid spending unnecessarily in the future. 
  •  Fabrics : In 2023, you have no more excuses to choose fabrics that will destroy the planet. 
  • Ecological footprint : Choosing products that come from the otherside of the planet and are made by exploited employees ? No thanks. Instead, choose local designers and accessories.


Caps of all shapes, roll beanies, long winter hat, balaclava, bucket hat, your choice will depend on the weather. At - 40 degrees with the wind and the humidex factor, you’ll want to cover your face as much as possible. On the other hand, you’ll want a lightweight and comfy hat for your picnic evening at Jeanne-Mance park. 

Good news ! While walking on St-Laurent street, you can stop by Beurd shop and get yourself something to wear for your head just before heading to the Tam-tams. 


And if we told you that bags have many functionalities? Beside dragging your sunglasses, your library books and your craft brewery beer, your bag is also a fashion accessory to complete your look.  

Our current favorite bag is undoubtedly the tote bag. Since plastic bags are not allowed in Montreal stores anymore, tote bags are very popular. Often screen-printed in Quebec, these reusable cotton bags with a positive environmental impact are not only washable, but will also give you a casual and urban look. 


What’s better than unique jewelry to complete a dull look ? Jewelrys allows you to express your style and take your Montreal outfit to the next level ! In the big city, this is not a lack of choice. More and more small artisans are making their marks in the jewelry market.

We love the jewelrys from Crocrodile Agile. The original and colorful earrings remind us of summer and festivals. If you want to mix practicality with style, Chikiboom watches will make your wrist the star of the evening. 

Make an ethical choice 

Now that you know which fashion accessories you need to have, don’t forget to do your part to save the planet ! It’s always better to invest a little more in durable and local pieces than to support multinationals. By buying from local designers, you’ll contribute in the local economy and jobs creation. You’ll also have the chance to get unique and high quality pieces.


There is no secret recipe to choose your dream fashion accessories. One day, you will walk into a store (ideally ours !) and you will fall in love with a cap that you’ll religiously wear for the next three years. 

Montreal diversity is what makes the beauty of the city! So you can really listen to yourself and explore your style as you feel. Of course, if you are looking for a place that will remind you of summer, stop by one of our two stores.