Whether you're an ex-skinny jean wearer looking to rehabilitate your style, or an Avril Lavigne-inspired skater boy, adopting a streetwear style will ensure that your wardrobe is up to date. With popular culture and mainstream celebrities jumping on the streetwear bandwagon, it’s good to familiarize yourself with streetwear brands.

With so many streetwear brands on the market, it can be difficult to determine what is actually popular vs the pieces that hit the runway but are destined to never be seen on the streets. To help you along your journey, we collated what we are forecasting to be the best streetwear brands of 2023. In particular, urban streetwear.

What is urban streetwear?

Urban streetwear is a branch of streetwear clothing. The term “streetwear” encompasses a wide variety of subcultures, from surfers and skaters to hip-hop and k-pop enthusiasts, each of whom adopts a distinctive approach to streetwear based on their personal styles and interests.

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What are the top urban streetwear brands of 2023?

Although there are a lot of big names in streetwear fashion at the moment, some are definitely better than others. Below we break down the predicted big urban streetwear brands of 2023 so that you have a reference point for what's trending in streetwear.


Beurd prioritizes ethically made clothing, designed and created close to home. Our unique take on streetwear is influenced by the independent designers we collaborate with in order to create funky and retro pieces. One of the best aspects of Beurd clothing is that it is an affordable streetwear brand. Our designers are constantly trying to take existing styles to the next level. In the process, we’ve created a fun, exciting, ever-changing line of clothing and accessories.

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Corteiz is the ultra-scarce, ultra-secretive brand that is going to dominate the streetwear scene in 2023. They're a brand that already has a solid following in the UK, and was a favorite of Off-White designer Virgil Abloh, in addition to being worn by a handful of British rappers such as Stormzy and Central Cee. Corteiz has a private Instagram account and a password-protected website that you can only access by signing up for their newsletter, which is where they announce their drops.

However, upon signing up on their website, you will find that their offerings are reasonably priced, compared to those of other hyped-up brands. However, due to their exclusivity, their clothes often resell for double, triple, or quadruple their original value. Buying from their catalog might therefore end up being an investment.


Stussy has been regularly referred to as the godfather of streetwear. Its founder and chief designer, Shawn Stussy, created the brand in the 80s by customizing his own surfer merch in California. Since the brand was created, it has always been on the streetwear scene. However, in recent years, their collaboration with brands like Nike has made them a household name for younger generations.

Although Stussy produces everything, from knitwear to sweats to sunglasses, we're predicting that their classic original tees are going to be what everyone wants in 2023. It's their t-shirts that are the most affordable, and they have some of the coolest designs. In addition to the classic Stussy graffiti logo t-shirts, they also have more unique and subtle designs, which allow you to rock the brand without being ostentatious and in-your-face.

Teddy Fresh

Teddy Fresh is for girls and guys who want to have fun. In other words, for people who want to add a bit of color to their wardrobe. With their signature teddy bear logo, this streetwear brand, created by YouTuber Hila Klein – you probably know her as Trish Paytas' frenemy – is fun and fresh. What we love about this brand and what we think will ensure its success throughout 2023 is its regular collaboration with artists.

Made Human

Made Human is a streetwear brand that prioritizes inclusivity and sustainability. It adopts a unisex approach to streetwear, creating t-shirts, hoodies, bottoms, and accessories for anyone and everyone. We predict that we will see more and more brands taking a genderless approach to streetwear in the coming years because the movement and style are inherently made for everyone.


You are going to have to trust us on this one. We know that technically Adidas is not a streetwear brand, but their shoes are going to be all anyone on the streetwear scene will be wearing next year. Retro sneakers are going to be big next year, and no one does them better than Adidas. There are many Adidas sneakers that we think are going to take off in 2023.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Adidas Orginal Forum 84 Lows

  • Adidas Centennial 85 Lows

  • Adidas Hamburgs

  • Adidas Sambas

  • Adidas Gazelles

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