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Mirage watch

So how are we intrigued by this item? You're right it's great. It's a perfect combo between originality, aesthetics, art, ethics and locality. You can trust the quality of the product, you will not regret it! Come on, happy shopping at Beurd!

Montre mirage faite à Montréal
Montre mirage faite au Québec
Montre faite en collaboration
$99.00 CAD


We thought it was a desert but finally.... It's a mirage!

It happens in the best families, but this watch came out with a tiny little blur that was not expected. Only our hardened and much too demanding eyes see it but, for this reason, we offer you 20$ of discount which will remain even after the presale! Bang bang!

Long live the illusions!


Brand new Chikiboom watch case (36 mm diameter) and recycled leather strap.

Adjustable size.

It is recommended to cut the excess leather when you have defined the desired size.

The watch case is water resistant but it is strongly recommended not to wet the leather to preserve its shape.

Battery included.

One year warranty.


Delivery in Canada and abroad according to the distance/weight of the order (0$-27$). Possibility of free pick-up in store.

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