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Bucket hats - Find the perfect bucket hat to hop on the streetwear trend

Bucket hats - Find the perfect bucket hat to hop on the streetwear trend

Bucket hats are back, they can be worn day after day and add a personal touch to a more classic outfit.

The practicality of these hats has crept into popular culture over the past few decades, resulting in a style that is both fashionable and useful.The shape of the Bobby bucket hat brings casualness and confidence. It's a trendy headpiece but considered a basic thanks to its sleek design.

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What is a bucket hat?

With a dented crown and a similar appearance to the current bucket hat, the tweed hat that gave rise to the bucket hat first appeared in Ireland. This style of hat became popular among all outdoor enthusiasts, including farmers and hunters, and was worn by sportsmen of all stripes, especially fishermen. Modern designer bucket hats took over with more and more fashion icons embracing the unique look of these products.

What are the advantages of a bucket hat?

Because these products are simple to store in a purse or a pocket of clothing and are simple to clean, bucket hats make the perfect casual cap for most people. The casual style goes well with just about any casual attire, and the moderate brim that wraps around the head offers sun protection. Getting a proper fit is the key to selecting a comfortable hat, so it's critical to understand hat sizes as well as the various bucket hat type variations. Lastly, customers should understand where and how to locate the ideal bucket hat.

Why should I own a Beurd bucket hat?

No need to search, bucket hats are one of the best accessories to add to your streetwear outfit. Believe us, this will become one of your fav accessories. Going for a little surf session? On your way to a summer bbq? Well, don't be a fool and join fashion and practical by adding a bucket out to your outfit. You can be sure you will not be annoyed by the sun, while also looking super trendy with this fashion item. Our bucket hats are 100% made of cotton. Designed by Beurd, you will not be disappointed with our size fits almost everyone's bucket hats.

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Are bucket hats for the summer or the winter?

Unquestionably, the bucket hat is a necessity for summer. In addition to its sun protection abilities, it is also the king of casual, ready to be worn with just about anything that is, you guessed it, sun-related. Unfortunately, winter and fall temperatures don't really cooperate with canvas, leaving your head cold in the wrong way.

But who said bucket hats couldn't be adapted for colder seasons? Well, it is a brilliant idea to dress this popular headgear item in fall and winter-appropriate materials, such as wool, fleece, corduroy or sherpa bucket hat. Cold-weather bucket hats are currently one of our favorite trends and also super cute. 

Why are bucket hats back on the trendy list?

It all began when Rihanna appeared in New York City this summer sporting a stylish version of Prada's nylon bucket hat in seafoam green. She made it appear positively chic and not in the least bit childish when worn with a patterned blouse and jeans.

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Are bucket hat unisex?

Is a bucket hat unisex? Absolutely! Classic bucket hats are designed to be classic usual size hats, and are designed for men and women. Our designer bucket hats come in a variety of distinct colors to match your personality. Furthermore, the unisex simple design makes it suitable for both men and women. It will look great with your everyday shirt or dress.

Can anyone wear a bucket hat?

Sure you can! Bucket hats are perfect accessories for everyone. You can dress them up for a night out, or pair them with casualwear for a more laid-back look. You'll look and feel great in your bucket hat no matter how you style your hair or what shape your face is. Bucket hats look great on everyone, whether they have patterns or are loose or tight. 

Bucket hats are definitely in!

Modern bucket hats are cool because you can find different bucket shapes, whether you want an oversized bucket hat, a wide brim or a swirl bucket hat you can still find what you want and slay all styles. The most popular bucket hat styles are classic black buckets with no pattern. They are easy to style and will complete your look and put you on your A-game.

Bucket hats are not only for fishermen, they can be fashion items! So go take a look at our black bucket hat booby

Is it better to wear a bucket hat tight or loose?

Don't buy a hat that is too small for your head. You want it to be relaxing. Consider the activities you intend to engage in while wearing your bucket hat. If you're going to be out in the wind, make sure your hat fits snugly so it doesn't fly off. 

How to take care of your bucket hat

Like clothes, sometimes your hat needs a good wash to freshen it up a little. Don't worry, it’s nothing overly complicated.

Beurd's bucket hat should be hand washed and air dry. If you want to keep the shape and look clean, it is better to wash it carefully and avoid washing machines and dryers.

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